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    Indignus famulus

    Dear Louie and all,
    Sorry to have to add another “downer” to all the recent bad news, but this one we think, is central to the ongoing crisis in the Church.

    Cardinal Burke has further clarified his position regarding Pope Francis, beyond any doubt (IOHO). This interview was reported April 17, 2015 by the NCRegister. We’ve given it a close look, and see it as something of a watershed moment, as far as we are concerned:
    As usual, he stands firmly FOR the need and duty of defending the Church teachings of the past. But in this case, he makes it particularly clear he is AGAINST publicly challenging the validity of this Pontificate, or even the orthodoxy of the Pope’s personal ideas and daily teachings in homilies, speeches and interviews.

    He seems convinced there is no evidence to support such a challenge, calling charges that his statements have been “anti-papal” “nonsense”
    and further avowing:
    “I have never said a single word against the Pope; I strive only to serve the truth.” (even though later in the same interview he freely admits having signed the petition to Pope Francis-for the Family, making a point of the fact that it wasn’t HIS petition).
    He affirms full support for the Documents of Vatican II, praising Benedict XVI’s explanation that they must be read and practiced in continuity with past teachings– (the hermeneutic) and naming the culprit of most current abuses as that notorious “false “spirit” which he says “is not faithful to the Council texts but purports to create something totally new”…”a new church” –one that wants “nothing to do with all the so-called aberrations of the past.”
    We see here a willingness to uphold the dogmatic teachings of the past, alongside a great determination to overlook all evidence produced by both Benedict AND Francis, of personal desire and efforts to alter those in practice, which reflect that same “false spirit” he described:
    — Benedict’s proposal (while Pope AS Theologian Ratzinger) of no need to evangelize the Jews; and Pope Francis’ thank your parents for
    whatever Faith they taught you..read your Koran…and calling Kasper’s theology of Mercy (communion for adulterers) “theology done on one’s knees
    (to name just a few item on a much longer list)
    –(Not even getting into others -now Sainted—who kissed the Qa’ran and allowed a statue of (Buddah?) to be placed on an emptied tabernacle in Assisi) How can Cardinal Burke shut his eyes to such obvious direct contradictions?
    Regarding culpability for current errors, he makes it very clear he is only willing to make vague references to undiscernable “groups” who want to bring about harmful changes in the Church. 3 Examples from his interview:
    1. “I DO NOT HAVE NY DIRECT INFORMATION, but THERE IS DIVINITELY A GROUP that wants to impose on the Church not only Kasper’s thesis on Communion for the divorced.. or for those in irregular situations, but also other positions..for instance, – the idea of identifying the positive aspects of extramarital or homosexual relationships. IT IS EVIDENT there are FORCES pushing in this direction, and this is the reason why THEY want to discredit those of us who are trying to defend the Church’s teaching. I have nothing personal against Cardinal Kasper; for me, the question is only to proclaim the Church’s teaching, which in this case is tied to words spoken by the Lord.”
    2. Questioner: “Looking at ..the synod, there is talk again about a “gay lobby.” Cardinal Burke:
    ” I CAN SEE PEOPLE either consciously or subconsciously DRIVING A HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA. HOW IT’S ORGANIZED , I DON’T KNOW, but IT IS EVIDENT THERE IS A FORCE of this nature.” ..A synod should be convoked on the subject if we wanted to speak about this theme. And, instead, we found in the relatio post disceptationem this theme which had not been discussed by the fathers.”
    3. Burke: “I think you have to DISTINGUISH BETWEEN WHAT THE POPE SAYS on certain occasions AND THOSE WHO AFFIRM AN OPPOSITION BETWEEN doctrine and practice.”
    The Church can never allow a contrast between doctrine and practice….(and he goes on with an excellent teaching on THAT….)
    He thus dismisses all the Pope says and does, focussing only “those mysterious unnamed people who AFFIRM opposition between doctrine and practice.” (Like Kasper and Marx we presume) So what about a Pope who praises Kasper FOR presenting that?
    Apparently his excuse for limiting his criticisms to these SELF-APPROVED targets is the degree of confusion caused by the words of our Pope, as if it cannot be known what he is REALLY suggesting.

    At this point we have to ask ourselves, why he is so unwilling to closely examine the Pope’s words? He is perfectly qualified to do so in order to clear away any fog– for the sake of the flock of Christ. Especially with Francis having claimed in his encylical that this is how he carries out his teaching office, on a daily basis, surely if all his words are orthodox, Burke’s critique of them would only HELP the Pope as well as the Faithful, by demonstrating the truth of his teachings, and the falseness of their misunderstandings.

    Instead, he fell back in previous interviews, to claiming it’s not his place to speak for the Pope, and calling for the Pope to do that clarifying, while at the same time acknowleging such lack of clarity does harms the Church and has left (unnamed) people feeling like they are on a “ship without a rudder”.
    With the crisis as bad as it is right now, THIS seems to us, a moment of truth about Burke. He and Michael Voris apparently share the same conviction to remain deliberately silent concerning the Pope’s repeated and highly questionable words and actions, EVEN though doing that forces them each to resort to repeatedly “side-stepping” the obvious, with verbal statements that ruin the public’s ability to rely on them to stand against ALL error, regardless of it’s source.

    –To us, this represents the very definition of wrongful “respect of persons” which the Scriptures decry. Cardinal Burke’s responsibilites to the flock of Christ, make his actions an even greater let-down to all of us, than those of Michael Voris. We’ll continue pray for them both, to make use of God’s Grace and come to see the harm they are doing by setting these harmful limits on their speech at such a critical time as this in the life of the Church.
    Sadly, Cardinal Burke even takes it further this time, defending the Pope’s straw men/condemnations of those who cite doctrine or law without love (Pharisees), seeming to support the existence of these people the Pope describes, who condemn people of sin, yet make no offer to call them OUT of it. We have NO idea who these might be.

    Even the most conservative and “ungarded” traditional blogs we’ve read, ALL appear to call their readers-periodicly if not daily- to prayer for the conversion of all those in sin and error.

    Cardinal Burke could always admit without any certifiable proof, that IF the things reported about the Pope’s actions and statements are accurate,
    (such as giving permission for Communion to adulterous couples in Argentina) THEN they are definitely wrong.
    That seems not an option in his book.

    So we’re left with the ability to rely on him for teachings
    about the errors in general, but will have to look elsewhere for a champion bold enough to call Francis out for the sake of souls that may follow his lead and remain in their sinful lifestyles, if not also to compounding their sins with sacrilegious reception of the Eucharist.
    Our Lady of Fatima told us that her intercession was to be our hope for these dark times. We take that very seriously. She always points us to God, as she has in requesting we pray the Rosary daily. May God Bless us all with patience and trust in His plans for His beloved Church. Our Hope is in the Lord, as always.



    Ever mindful

    Give me courage to resist, patience to endure, and constancy to persevere.

    Thomas a Kempis

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