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    —-the inimitable Father Gregory Hesse, theologian and canon lawyer—-

    It’s easy enough to find some of his talks on youtube:

    But what would happen if any one or more of those disappear? For instance, most that exist have been uploaded to an account called “Defeat Modernism”. What if that channel were deleted by youtube/google? Those talks/lectures are priceless treasures, and some might go missing for decades or more. (He’s no longer alive – died in 2006 – and so can’t archive them himself.)

    With all the calls these days for censorship, that channel might one day be deleted if found to be “homophobic hate speech”. I don’t know if there are any there that the liberals would think qualify, as I haven’t seen them all yet. But overall the threat is real – e.g., the CEO of Firefox/Mozilla was recently purged from the company because he opposed gay marriage.

    Solution? It is possible to download them, to at least have a copy on one’s own hard drive. It might or might not be allowable to upload them to anyplace else, depending on copyright. Downloading is usually done through installing an “addon” or “extension” for a browser.



    Most of the Hesse videos are long, here is one (~14 minutes) that lets you get a sense of the man:

    “Father Hesse: Vatican II is NOT a “Catholic” Council Part 1″

    Quick summary:

    what is commonly understood about calling an ecumenical council, simply that:
    – the pope must call a majority of bishops
    – the pope must approve what the council decided

    But then Hesse goes on to say that what is commonly understood is not true.



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