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    Dear All,

    The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) has called on faithful Catholics everywhere to join them for a day of prayer and penance in supplication for our persecuted brethren in Iraq, Syria, and the Middle East. From their website:

    “August 1 is the First Friday of the month and the Feast of St. Peter in Chains, which is celebrated as a Third Class Feast in FSSP houses and apostolates. It is the feast in which we read of the great power of the persevering prayer of members of the Church: “Peter therefore was kept in Prison. But prayer was made without ceasing by the Church unto God for him.” (Acts 12:5)

    “This feast of our Patron should be an invitation to the faithful to join us in Holy Hours and other fitting prayers – to beg the Most Holy Trinity that these members of the Mystical Body may persevere in the faith, and that, like St. Peter, they may be delivered from this terrible persecution. May such a day serve as a reminder to us of the stark contrast that stands between our days of vacation and ease, and their daily struggle for survival as they are killed or exiled from their homes.”

    Please keep the Catholics of Mosul – and our persecuted brethren all over the world – in your prayers. The 1st of August falls on a Friday this year, so fasting and penance is already in order. Step it up a notch. And please help spread the word regarding this event via the social media available to you.

    Gob bless.



    Matthew, how very helpless I feel with the persecution of so many innocent Christians. I thank you for this update. We can and should pray. The whole Christian world is suffering today with this persecution throughout the Middle East. These brothers of ours are losing everything even their very lives. I hope Catholic Charities throughout the world will organize a major portion of its resources to take care of those who have been rejected by their own people. The Holy Father made mention of them recently. I can only presume that it is only the first step in our collective responsibility to respond to this tragedy. I don’t expect too much of a response from the national front nor that of the UN. It is really up to us. We certainly have a goal and a purpose for the whole of the Catholic Church. Satan has raised his head again in history and we can see the hate in his eyes.

    “Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
    for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” “Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so men persecuted the prophets who were before you” (Matthew 5).



    Dear rcaamo,

    I share your anguish and sense of helplessness. Here, from the comfort of my home, it would be all too easy for me to write words of encouragement to those faced with the grim reality of martyrdom – or being forced to look on as a loved one is beaten, raped, tortured, killed – for the faith. I can only hope and pray that, should I be faced with such circumstances, God will grant me the grace to stand fast. For I alone would be utterly incapable.

    For my part – God willing – I will spend the 1st of August in fasting and prayer. I hope many, many others will also participate.



    Fine sentiments, Matthew. I do hope also that with this catastrophic injustice before the world, that the entire Christian Church rises up to let all know that this behavior is abominable, inappropriate, unacceptable, unjust, barbaric, and is no longer permitted in a civilized nation. Condemnation should be reigning down from every society. If something like the situation for the Church, for these people, in the Middle East does not bring all together, then what good is an ecumenical movement. Moments of truth and history make us courageous or condemn us to infamy. The response so far is not impressive.


    Indignus famulus

    Dear Matthew and rcaamo,

    Thank you for the call to unified prayer, and the encouragement to join in this action of the Church. It’s good to remember we in the Church Militant are not alone, as we can always unite our prayers, works, joys, and sufferings to the intercessory prayers of the Church Triumphant and the Suffering souls in Purgatory. Let us remember to ask them to join with us.

    We like to study Catholic prophecies like those collected by Rev. Gerald Culleton–(always with due cautions provided by the Church), and were struck when we came across this beautiful one which offers a prayer which seems specially designed for our times:

    “A Benedictine Sister (before 1938) was shown the vast devastation caused by the devil throughout the world and heard the Blessed Virgin telling her hell had been let loose upon the earth, and the time had come to pray to her as Queen of Angels, and ask of her the assistance of the heavenly legions to fight against these deadly foes of God and men.”

    “The sister asked, but my good Mother, you are so kind, could you send them without our asking?” “No” Our Lady answered because prayer is one of the conditions required by God Himself, for the obtaining of favors.”
    Then the Blessed Virgin communicated the following and asked her to have it printed and distributed:

    “August Queen of Heaven! Sovereign Mistress of Angels! Thou who from the beginning has received from God the power and mission to crush the head of Satan: we humbly beseech thee to send thy holy legions, that under thy command, and by thy power, they may pursue the evil spirits; encounter them on every side; resist their bold attacks, and drive them hence into the abyss of eternal woe. Amen.



    Pope Pius V fasted and prayed when Lepanto was about to fall into the hell-mouth of islam. Bergoglio has luncheons with the enemy and invites them to pray to their devils in the Vatican.



    Thank you, salvemur, for that historical and theological reminder. To us that may have been 500 years ago, but I am afraid to the Moslems, it was only yesterday. We might look back to Lepanto and remember what won the day. I do not expect this Pope to respond as did Pius V. who saw the Catholic Church and western culture under siege and protected them for us. Let me include here that history as we know it:

    In 1566, Pius V ascended to the Chair of St. Peter in Rome. Pius V was a Dominican Monk with a reputation for piety and austerity. A teacher of philosophy and theology for 16 years, unlike some previous Popes, he was a humble man who continued to lead the ascetic life of a simple monk even after becoming Pope.

    Pius V was also very serious about defending Christendom against the Ottoman Turks. He knew they were not just going to go away and leave Europe in peace. Vienna and the eastern borders continued to be threatened by Moslem military power and incursions, and the Papal States themselves could soon be at risk. Cyprus came under attack again in 1570. Seeing the increasing danger to Christendom, Pius V called on “The Holy League,” consisting of the Papal States, Spain, Genoa, Venice, and the Knights of Malta, to address the Moslem threat.

    At dawn, on October 7, 1571, as recorded in the Vatican Archives, Pope Pius V, accompanied by a group of the faithful, entered the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore to pray the Rosary and ask Our Lady to intercede for a Catholic victory. The prayers continued in Rome as the Catholic and Moslem fleets battled far away in the Gulf of Lepanto. Later in the day, the Pope is said to have suddenly interrupted his business with some Cardinals, and looking up, cried out,
    “A truce to business! Our great task at present is to thank God for the victory which He has just given the Catholic army.” The Pope, of course, had no way of knowing that the battle was taking place and being decided on that very day.


    Indignus famulus

    Dear rcaamo,

    Thank you for that encouraging reminder that Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart has been and is still our refuge, as she has revealed many times.

    We pray for the time when a Holy Father will consecrate Russia to her, as she requested, and end this Moslem threat. We are hopeful that Vladimir Putin may be the one chosen by heaven (though he doesn’t yet know it) to lead the converted Russia in defense of Christendom. His birthday is
    October 7, 1952, and we believe that with God, there are no real
    coincidences. Now all we need is a Pope who will cooperate :-)



    Another piece of history to note in the clock that is set to our salvation. I thought it interesting that it was a Dominican friar who should offer the Rosary as the means to focus our prayer. Also the time of the 16th century seems to offer us a reflection of our own with the threat of attach from the Muslims and the rise of the evil of the reformation. No doubt we are under a similar siege again.


    Indignus famulus

    Announcing: Also August 1st, Feast of St. Peter in Chains,
    Steve Skojec feels called by God to lead people to doing all we can to fix the problems in our Church and our world. He’s starting a new project, including among many other things, gathering people and info on things that are being done and can be done to take back our culture and our Church.
    We love his common sense approach to things, as well as his deep Faith and dedication to God’s service.
    here is the link, which we’ll also be putting on the main blog:


    Pray for the success of his efforts. God Bless all.


    Indignus famulus

    In the book of Esther,(who is traditionally a prefigurer of Our Lady), Queen Esther is informed that the Jews are about to be slaughtered by order of an evil advisor to the King, who has gained the King’s favor through deceit,and been granted the power to do as he wishes with her people.

    Upon hearing of their plight, she planneds to go in to the King, uninvited, risking her life -(by law if he is displease by that action, she dies).
    But before doing that, she sent word to her relatives:

    ” Go, and gather together all the Jews whom thou shalt find in Susan, and pray ye for me. Neither eat nor drink for three days and three nights: and I with my handmaids will fast in like manner, and then I will go in to the king… and expose myself to death”

    The King was delighted to see her, and (after a dinner in his honor) granted her wishes. Her nation was saved and their enemy executed.
    An interesting fact, connected to this Scripture, is that on the Fatima Statue, Our Lady has a star on her dress, traditionally known as “The star of Esther”.


    Indignus famulus

    July 31st, 2014

    ISRAEL AND HAMAS agree to an unconditional, 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire in the Gaza conflict, set to begin Friday, Aug. 1st the United States and United Nations announced.

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