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    I, a former “Cradle Catholic” am appalled by the decision of a moribund church, which, as far as I can see, is in total agreement with Radical Islam, about keeping it’s beliefs in the 16th century, have decided that ordaining women is the equivalent of pedophilia! Oh, wait pedophilia is acceptable to the church. They don’t assist prosecutors in removing, and charging these priests, they ship them off to another congregation, which does not know what they are, thus, subjecting youths in another part of the country to their predations. But, hey, wait, if we acknowledge their problem, we will not receive donations! I’m sorry, I will never again acknowledge any affiliation to the Catholic Church. A bunch of old men, continuing a tradition from centuries ago, who decided that only 4 gospels, and a few epistles be added to the Bible. Only those that perpetuated their power, and ability to amass wealth. Notice that only the Vatican amasses the wealth, not the poor Parish Priests. Anyone notice that innumerable scholarly works are in their archives, which no one else ever gets a look at? Sorry, I hate radical Islam, and am learning that the religion I was brought up in is just as bad. Sorry, I think that organized religion is a bane on our existence, and the reason for more deaths than the Black Plague. I don’t imagine that this will be posted, But I would be more that happy if it was.

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